Thursday, 22 December 2011

Myreks - Trust My Recommendations

It’s been quite a long time since I haven’t written anything and that’s probably because I had some trouble finding my real self after moving again to a different country, this time to Brazil. It’s not an easy thing and it takes time to adapt. But now I’m back on track writing, thanks to a very inspiring Web 2.0 application called Myreks, which caught my attention at first glance.

Let me ask you something: how much do you trust advertising in general? Do you trust your friends more? I bet you do, as I certainly do. What would you say if there was an application that would allow you to get recommendations for the best wines, the latest movies, the greatest books and music albums of all times, and even for the hottest applications, right from your friends’ clicks? The good news is that a small professional team from Brazil developed such an application using Facebook and Twitter as ‘motherboard’ platforms. Embracing the newest software and employing the world-wide known social media networks, Myreks seems to carry on a very promising future. This Facebook app could touch upon both our virtual and real lives. But how does it work?

Not only can your friends get points for the products they recommend and sell on Amazon or ITunes, but so do you, by registering for free and starting to recommend. Thus, you get the chance of becoming a “recommender”. And if someone buys what you suggested, you can use your Rekpoints to buy anything else you wish. All you have to do is convince your friends that the product you recommend is the best. In other words, if you’re a trustworthy individual you’re going to be rich and you’ll be able to afford to buy other entertainment goods.

Therefore, Myreks is a user-oriented tool which brings up an amazing innovative experience. It can straighten and improve virtual and real-life relationships and can bring people together in things that really matter in life such as having a good time relaxing, watching a movie, reading a book or listening to a wonderful album. Initially developed for the US public, I’m pretty sure the application will soon take over many other countries due to its huge interactive potential. And hopefully I’m going to be an active part of the growth and success of this product.